Gary Vee’s Five Knuckle Hustle

Why haven’t I written a blog in the last 8 weeks….?

My first blog entry was titled “Do founders really need to blog?”…

…The answer?! Of course, but detracting from the mission at hand would be ridiculous. We are here to DO not to engage in some mental masturbation about how hard we are woking or how many late nights we are doing to push ourselves from small growing agency to where we want to be.

Do not get distracted from your core mission when founding a business & if you’re blogging make sure it has a purpose associated with a business outcome…not just to engage in writing a blog.

So, what’s the takeaway? I just wrote a senseless blog about blogging…best get back to some real work.



The proliferation of Adtech into every corner of the media supply chain added to serious levels of M+A activity in the space (It’s hard to win, big eats small) means that there is little competitive advantage for advertisers to find by simply utilising the next best piece of tech.

Best damn campaign manager in the game.

Tactics to employ for increasing ad-performance.

“Oh that’s just the algorithm”. My least favourite of all the media jargons. Oft uttered by bright people who are simply too over-worked to muster* anything more in depth.

Some context behind this analogy and it’s practical implications…

I started my career just before RTB became prevalent and then morphed…

When launching a new business it seems to be standard operating procedure to state one’s principles as a reason for being. This always seemed quite lofty and more than a little pretentious, that is until I came to launching my own…

Hopefully this first post will give you some insight…

Jeremy Rusling

Founder and CEO of ROAR Performance Marketing - helping brands realise direct revenues from their marketing.

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